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"Oh, by the way guys!" Haruhi spoke.
Everyone was adjusting their costumes for the day. Ancient Greece was a popular request and Kyoya wasted no time in applying it for profits. The twins looked over curiously as always while Tamaki just stared at her with loving eyes.
"What is it Haru-chan?" Honey-senpai asked.
Mori gave a grunt in agreement while Honey, who was sitting on his shoulders like always, messed with his hair.
"I got an email from a classmate from middle school." Haruhi said. "They're tranfering here."
Kyoya pushed his glasses up but didn't set a hand on his hip, and held to his clipboard firmly as he always did before scribbling down stuff.
"Who might your friend be?" Kyoya asked.
Haruhi looked over at Kyoya and noticed how uninterested he was on any information she had. He didn't  even look like he wanted to find out more about the new student.
"I may know (last name)-san, but we really aren't  friends." Haruhi corrected.
Hikaru and Kaoru wrapped their arms over her shoulders with sly grins.
"So (last name) is the same as you." Hikaru said. "A commoner with a scholarship."
"Has to be." Kaoru said. "Only way they would've known each other that early."
Haruhi slipped out of their graps and walked closer to her stuff.
"Yes, but unlike me-" Haruhi muttered. "(Last name)-san is very (gifted)."

Several Days Later-
A chubby (hair color) student with no uniform walked through the halls. She was dressed in baggy clothes to hide the extra curves she had. She looked boyish and she (hates/ liked it) because she (wanted to dress girl clothes but they were all created for skinnier people/ showed her true self). She fixed her (hair length) under her baseball cap as she headed up some stairs.
"Haruhi said "Music Room #3," right?" (Your name) said to herself.
She grabbed onto the door knob and opened it. A breeze of flower petals flew right at her face as she looked at a group of good looking guys.
"Welcome!" They said in a chant like way.
She walked in a bit nervous and waved at Haruhi. Haruhi smiles and stood up from her position.
"(Last name)-San!" Haruhi greeted.
"Hello Haruhi." (Name) replied.
The smallest one of the boys rushed over at the new student and smiled at her.
"Oh, aren't you cute." (Name) said.
"Oh, (Last name)-San!" Haruhi interrupted. "I want you to meet the guys of the club."
(Name) smiled and stepped next to Haruhi and faced the group as the small child-like boy ran to the tallest guy.
"That is Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai." Haruhi said.
Honey climbed onto Mori and waved at (Name).
"Then we have the Hitachiin twins." Haruhi continued.
The two devilish-looking boys, wrapped in each other's arms, looked over with a smirk.
"Lastly we have the president: Tamaki senpai." Haruhi said in monotone. "And the 'vice-president': Kyoya-senpai."
"Pleasure to--" Kyoya almost said but was interrupted.
"Oh Haruhi! It's so sweet to want to introduce us to your old friend!" Tamaki chimed.
"We aren't friends." (Name) and Haruhi said in unison.
Kyoya fixed his glasses and pushed Tamaki out of their faces to stop (Name) from being uncomfortable.
"Sorry about him." Kyoya apologised. "He is always this energetic when it comes to--"
"Haruhi. I know." (Name) said. "Everyone is. Can we move on now, Haruhi?"
(Name) just swatted Kyoya away and turned to Haruhi with an annoyed look. Everyone was surprised that someone would turn away from a beautiful man like Kyoya.
"You said you'd show me the school." (Name) said.
"Right, of course, (Name)-San!" Haruhi said.
(Name) walked out of the room with her hands in her pockets as Haruhi apologised for leaving early.
"Haruhi." Kyoya called out.
Haruhi as she was almost at the door and turned back with a nervous swear drop running down her cheek.
"Why are you friends with her?" Honey-senpai asked instead."She isn't very nice."
Haruhi smiled sadly and looked at the door as she took hold of the knob.
"She's promised to help me with the debt I owe you guys." Haruhi said.
"But isn't she a commoner like you?" Tamaki asked.
Haruhi chuckled as she opened the door slowly.
"She has scholarships for more things than I." Haruhi said. "I couldn't possibly burden my family."
Haruhi left the room with a wave and walked to (Name) as she waited against a wall.
"Making me sound like I'm buying your time makes me seem like a bad person, Fuyioka." (Name) said. "You always did that with everyone else. That plus your said story made everyone see you as an angel and gave you friends."
"At least I'm not a lard-ass." Haruhi scoffed.
(Name) clicked her tongue then began to walk.
Kyoya x Chubby!Reader part 1 (requested)
Hi, um... um... I have no excuses. I have been lazy since I got to college so yeah.
Here is part 1 of a idk how many fanfic.
I will try to keep it more reader chosen and stuff. (It will definitely be a long time before I finish so... Input! Please and thank you.

Mature Content

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Francis lead you to a small fancy room. The bed was large and looked comfy. As you made your way to feel it, Francis decided he wanted to reel you into his embrace. His arms wrapped tightly around your large stomach. He drove his face into your neck. His lips traced around your neck while his beard scratched your skin as he moved long, tasting from your neck to your shoulder.


You shivered in pleasure as one of his hands traveled along your body. The thought of having a stranger do things to you was exciting and scary. Previous boyfriends never kissed or touched you with such passion, except for one.


His voice was sweet and tender unlike his movements. You looked back at him as he moved from your shoulder to your cheek. He turned you around and hugged you. You blinked and stared at him confused.


He kissed your cheek, moving to your lips. You could tell something was wrong with Francis but couldn't figure it out. Was he regretting flirting with you and bringing you to his private fun place? You couldn't tell with the expression he made.

He pulled from the kiss to stare at you in the eyes. You stared back at his, seeing something familiar in them. It suddenly hit you. Why he wanted to take you away from the bar and to have you in his arms.
Francis was an old "friend," he use to be the "Boss's son" until 6 years ago. He had changed a lot from then.

"No way... Francis... Bonnefoy"

He smiled widely when you recognized him.


He ran his fingers softly over your cheeks. You smiled softly at his touch.

"What are you doing here (Y/N). A rose like you will be tainted and withered in such a place..."

"I could say the same about you"

He shook his head and kissed you again.

"We can talk later... I just want to have you right now..."


You tried to protest but his lips were irresistible to you. You kissed him back, making the kiss more passionate. His tongue slipped into your mouth and played with yours. He kissed you hungrily, with no restraints as if this was the last time he'd be able to; he had done the same when you left your personal secretary job.

His hands moved to the zipper of your dress, with one swift move he unzipped and removed your dress. Your hands had already begun to undo his shirt. He kissed down your neck to your chest. He gave a sweet chuckle, so you frowned down at him.

"What's so funny, mood killer?"

"You're still the same size, I love it~"

You blushed as he took your (size) breasts into his hands. You ran your hands through his hair as he played with your chest.

He moved from you and finished undressing. He pulled you with him to the bed and let you into the covers. You smiled and kissed him, taking the last bits of clothing you had on. He held your face in his hand.

"I... I won't leave this time, Francis"

"Thank you, (Y/N)"

He kissed you lovingly as you began to make love under warm covers.

Time Skip- Next Morning (I didn't feel like writing something too smutty)

You were woken up by the slight beams of light that came from the window. You sat up and smiled as you saw Francis sleeping. You fixed his hair the way you did the morning you left. You felt something in the pit of your stomach and didn't touch him more.

"Francis... You loved me even with my giant imperfection... And after what I did... I don't know if I still deserve it..."

You softly spoke to his sleeping body. You placed your hand over your mouth to hide your sobs.

You felt a warm pair of lips on your hands. Francis held you as he kissed your hand. You couldn't help but let tears stream down your cheeks.

"I love you (y/n) I always will... My father told me everything... It's not your fault"

You hugged him tightly, crying more that before as you remembered what happened. You began to work for Francis' father at the age of 17 and fell in love with Francis. He fell in love with you as well. It took him  almost 3 years to get you to say yes, because he was such a womanizer. That same year he went to ask his father for permission. His father dismissed him and called you in once Francis has left for a lunch break. He told you to stay away from Francis because he was already arranged to be married with a wealthy woman. You were paid in advanced and tranfered across the country. The day before you left you made love with Francis and left the next morning while he slept.

Six years later, you felt the sense of guilt wash away as Francis repeated you weren't at fault. You cried into his chest.

"I love you and nobody will tear me from you now... I will chase you around the world if I have to..."

"Thank you... Francis"

He kissed you tenderly on the lips and let you rest in his arms. He kissed your cheek over and over, you laughed and pushed his face back a bit.

"What is it?"

"Your beard scratches me"

He stared at you and began to laugh. You laughed with him. He began to rub his chin on your cheek causing you to laugh more. This was and is how you'd stay with him forever: enjoying every second you spent with him.
France X Chubby!Reader Part 2: End
It is really short but it is the ending for this.
Sorry I didn't post anything for such a long time and the fact that this is short, cheesy and dumb. (seriously, Idk what happened.)
I am sorry that my school has gotten in the way of my creativity!!
I will slowly come back.

What I (could) have in store:

France x Chubby!Reader part 1 & 2

And maybe a comic?! I am starting a small comic and one with my brother. I might not get lazy and finish then post it here. (No guarantees though) (like seriously, who would be excited for it) (no one) (I should stop talking to myself)

Anyways, thank you for all the support on my other creations!
See ya in a few days!


Reader Inserts~
I know it sucks but you can also request

But if you do commission:
10 Points for 3- 5 thousand words (3- 5 parts)

Points One shots (1- 3 thousand words at once) 

[I also do normal fan fictions with any characters, yaoi, yuri, lemon, fluff and ect.
I am busy lately but will upload.]

Note me first with anything (if I know the anime or if I can do it)
  then I will tell you and you can place in the commission. Or just tell me it's a request and I'll do them but a bit slower. 
Thank you:3
Just be friends by Aki2pJones
2p! Canada by Aki2pJones
Thank you by Aki2pJones
Not the best in the world but I will do sketches or so.

10Points with shading and back ground

5Points just sketch or simple drawings

[I can't draw chibi that well or animals either XP]


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I'm just a 'normal' fan of Hetalia. What else can I say? :D
Love writing, drawing, reading.
I just hope people like my fan fictions
and are willing to give me a chance to prove my creative side ; w;

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