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July 13, 2013
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You sat at the table eating for a while in silence. It was killing you; just thinking of what they thought of you.  You heard Al clear his throat while he pushed his plate away from him “Well, I will be excusing myself. C’mon ________. We got some stuff you promised to do” he said and grinned. You stared at him blushing with your mouth wide. ‘The hell Al!’ you thought and stood up. “Y-yeah. It was nice meeting you.” You smiled and bowed. Al picked you up and carried you away. Francis whispered something to Arthur which earned him a slap. You giggled a bit and looked at Al. he smirked “seems like everyone knows what we’re doing~” he purred. You smacked him and looked away puffing your already chubby cheeks. “Shut it… If you want me to give this a chance we’re not doing that” you muttered. He sighed and his eyes teared up. “Fine, whatever” he said dramatically. You chuckled a bit and just wanted him to hurry up so he would let you down.  He walked quickly up some stairs.
You looked around at everything. It was so weird to be in such a large place, especially if it looked so creepy and old. “Sorry if it isn’t too welcoming. We just like things this way” Al said as if reading your mind. “It’s fine. I find it very interesting” you smiled and lightly placed your arm around his neck getting close to him. He blushed and looked to the side a bit. You stayed curled up close to him as he walked down the hall to what you assumed was his room.
“W-Well, here we are” he chuckled and let you down in front of a pretty large red door. On it has stickers of nukes and skulls. It also had a sign that read ‘Danger: Alfred’s room’. You smiles and let yourself in.  His room was in a bit of a mess. His clothes were on the floor and many of the posters on the walls were half peeled off. You limped inside, dragging your casted foot. “So, what do you think?” he asked walking over to his half-fixed bed. “It’s nice… reminds me of my brother’s room” you sighed and kicked over some shorts. “You’ll learn to love it” he smiled and signaled you to come over. You stared at him for a second then headed over to him slowly.
You sat down next to him as he grinned widely.  “Al… what did I say?” you reminded him. He sighed and slumped over. “Oh come on! I’ve been waiting almost all day!” he whined leaning back. “Who cares… didn’t you also waited and struggled just to get me to say yes…” you mumbled. “Yeah…” he admitted and stared at the ceiling. “Alright I guess you’re right. I’ll respect your wishes” he sighed. You smiled and turned to him. “Thanks Al” you said.
He was staring at you with a large smirk again. You blinked “Al?” you asked. “I’ll respect your wishes after this. I can’t hold back” he said as he tackled you over to the side. You stared at him as he stared down at you. His face was serious which was scary. He straddled you and leaned down, his nose touching yours. “C’mon, it’s this once…” he insisted. You shook your head “Al, a no was a no… get off” you growled and pushed him by the shoulders. He stayed still; not moving. He grabbed your hands and put them over your head. “Gave you the option of just saying yes. You agreed to be mine, so you are mine” he stated simply.
You kept a fixed look at his eyes wondering (hoping) if he was joking. But finding he was serious made you become frightened. You stared at him, your eyes a bit wide, a blush filling your face. He leaned in close to you, his lip tracing over your cheek a bit. You closed you eyes as he closed to your mouth. Your lip quivered and you began to shake. You heart began to beat faster and you couldn’t control the thoughts running through your head.
He held both of your hands with one of his. He slipped his hand down your side slowly, giving light squeezes and touches to your plush. “A-Al…” you said making him stop before his lips touched yours. “What is it?” he asked, lightly brushing his lips across yours. “Please… don’t touch me like that…” you requested. He pressed his lips harshly on yours then pulled away. “No way, I touch you whatever way I want, doll” he chuckled and kissed you again.
After a while, Al pulled away from the kill. You took long harsh breath. “So, babe, enjoying it so far?” he asked. You glared at him, he just smirked. He massaged your plushy stomach then moved down to your leg. You tried to kick but his leg was over yours keeping it still. His hand crawled to your butt and he began to grope it. “Al!” you hissed. He groped you again and chuckled. “You know you like the nice attention” he said and leaned into your neck, slowly kissing up and down your neck. You stared at the ceiling; eyes half open actually enjoying his kisses. His trail of kisses went back up to your lips. You closed your eyes and waited to feel his lips but you didn’t. You opened an eye and saw him staring at you “So you want my kisses?” he asked. You pouted and nodded “Y… yeah” you mumbled. He grinned in triumph and gave you a kiss.
It's a bit shorter (all of them are short) but yeah. Here it is.
2p! America need the love :3

Part 10:
Part 12:
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